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The Palm Beach County, Boca Raton Real Estate Information Service is a 24-Hour, Pre-Recorded Line (800-647-4211) provided free to those looking to buy or sell a home in the Palm Beach County, Boca Raton Florida area. Request any Free Special Reports you’d like with no obligation. You can receive your Free Special Reports by E-mail or Mail! Simply leave your name and e-mail or mailing address on the automated pre-recorded message.

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Code # 1213 – 7 Steps to Guarantee You Get the Best Mortgage Rate!

Most Palm Beach County, Boca Raton real estate agents suggest that a buyer use their in-house lender or they simply tell them to shop for a mortgage. But, they don’t tell a buyer…how to shop for the best mortgage rate. The rewarding information in this seven step report will guarantee that you get the best mortgage rate available today. In addition, this report includes lender secrets that will save you lots of money on your monthly payments. Call now for your report…via E-mail or Mail.

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Code # 1203 – Be the First Buyer to Preview & Visit All the New Listing!

Be the FIRST BUYER to preview all the NEW listings before they hit the public websites! And, be the FIRST BUYER to visit all the NEW properties before other buyers! How? We give you FULL MLS ACCESS and IMMEDIATE 24/7 ON-CALL SHOWINGS before other buyers! Just leave your message with the # of bedrooms, # of baths, type of home, price range and neighborhoods. You’ll Receive a Daily Auto-Email List of All the New Homes as they Hit the Market! Call now for your daily auto-email of all the new listings.

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Code # 1123 – Special Buyer’s Gift Package!

The Special Buyer’s Gift Package provides a buyer with thousands of dollars’ worth of valuable information and vendor discounts to successfully and economically purchase a home! This gift package also includes a $100 Closing Gift Card and $5,000 Florida Lottery Ticket. Be the FIRST BUYER to Preview and Visit all the new listings and properties before they become available on the public websites! Find out how with our Special Buyer’s Gift Package! Call now to request your Special Buyer’s Gift Package…

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Code # 1113 – 12 Top Secrets Agents Don’t Take the Time to Tell a Buyer!

Did you know there’s an inexpensive home inspection that’ll detect the 2nd leading cause of lung cancer inside a home? Did you know that the timing of the final walk-through prior to close could save a buyer thousands of dollars? Did you know that a lender could void a buyer’s mortgage at the closing table if they did one of ten things? The valuable content in this report provides a buyer with the home purchasing information to be prosperous, healthy and safe. Call now for your report…via E-mail or Mail.

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Code # 1133 – Market Stats You Should Know Before You Buy or Sell a Boca Raton Home!

The sale or purchase of a home is one of the most important financial decisions you’ll make in a lifetime. So make an informed decision with the same coveted information that real estate professionals use when preparing a comprehensive market analysis. This report will provide you with in-depth local market data, statistics, graphs and charts to give you the confidence and ability to make an educated decision before buying or selling a home. Call now for your report…via E-mail or Mail.

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Code # 1053 – Secrets Lenders Don’t Want You to Know! Read This 11-Point Report Before You Sign Anything!

Typically the excitement of the new home purchase reduces the mortgage to not much more than an afterthought. And yet, for many of us, our mortgage payment is the most important financial decision we’ll ever make. This 11-point report gives insider information on mortgage lending practices beneficial to a buyer. Knowing these 11 critical points and applying them can mean the difference of thousands of dollars in a home buyer’s pocket. Call now for your report…via E-mail or Mail.

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Code # 1043 – How to Buy a Home the Easy Way…Avoid 10 Mistakes Home Buyers Make!

Many home buyers do very little research before “diving in” and investing their hard-earned money. With this report you can avoid the 10 Most Common Critical Mistakes many home buyers make when purchasing a home. For example, learn how to find the best home inspector, the best mortgage lender and the best title agency. Read this report and follow these ten suggestions so you’ll make a sound business decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come. Call now to request your report…via E-mail or Mail.

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Code # 1223 – Free Buyer Pre-Qualification Letter Over-the-Phone!

A buyer needs a Pre-Qualification Letter before they start looking at homes. It’s simply an estimate of how much house a buyer can afford. A Pre-Qualification letter is issued by a lender free of charge. They take information from a buyer over-the-phone about their income, assets and employment. Based on the answers, the lender will give a buyer the approximate loan amount, possible interest rate and likely down payment. Call now to request your free Pre-Qualification Letter…via E-mail.

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Code # 1233 – 11 Things A Buyer Must Know Before Your Home Inspection!

According to industry experts, there are at least 33 physical problems that will come under scrutiny during a home inspection. This report identifies 11 of the most common and costly problems. If you know what to look for and how to address them, you can prevent these problems from growing into an avoidable expense after you purchase. Buyers who are prepared for the home inspection save thousands and eliminate unnecessary stress during the home buying process. Call now to request your report…via E-mail or Mail.

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