Tips on Selling Your Boca Raton Home Over the Holidays

Tips on selling your Boca Raton home over the holidaysThe holiday season is traditionally a time for decorating and celebrating not putting a home on the market or purchasing a house. Homeowners sometimes find themselves in the positon of buying or selling their home during the months of November, December and January. Unexpectedly, people experience job transfers, family obligations and health concerns which force them into the real estate market. If you find yourself in the position of marketing your Palm Beach County, Boca Raton home for sale during the holidays, here are some tips that will help make selling your Boca Raton home easier on the family and financially more profitable.

Be as flexible and available as possible • The more showings, the greater the chances of a faster sale. Enjoy your family and the season, but understand that you may need to make some compromises for family time and holiday traditions.

Put this years house parties on hold and keep the holiday decorations to a minimum • Decorations can actually affect a buyers decision, so it’s best to keep it simple and tasteful. The home décor magazines will offer many great decorating ideas and pictures to help you out.

Plan in advance some fun activities outside the home while your house is being shown • Take the family to a festive restaurant, to a holiday movie or winter activity like in-door ice skating. No matter how much you want to sell your home, don’t miss out on the holiday spirit and enjoy family time together.

Take advantage of the scented candles with seasonal fragrances and the holiday floral arrangements • Minimize the decorations to avoid clutter and to create open space stick with simple and elegant decorating ideas. Enjoy browsing through the local trendy stores and flower shops right here in our Boca Raton community.

Get rid of the extra seasonal clutter such as presents, wrapping paper and holiday baking items • During this festive season friends come over for parties, relatives stay overnight, and there is an accumulation of extra stuff. It may require a little more effort, but keep the house in show-ready condition as much as possible for that immediate showing request.

Pay special attention to indoor and outdoor lighting during this time of the year • With shorter days homes can look lifeless. On the outside, keep the lights on even during the daylight hours. It will brighten up your home and make it look cheery. On the inside, turn on all the lights. For dark corners, go out and buy some inexpensive table or pole lamps and keep them on when buyers come by.

To help you prepare your home for the holiday showings a great idea is a Complimentary Home Preview. Let a professional preview your home and show you exactly how to de-clutter, de-personalize and prepare your home for the holiday market. Take advantage of the Complimentary Home Preview and learn from a professional with the knowledge and experience of selling hundreds of homes. It’s free and there’s no obligation.